About Us


Tasha Madison, Licensed Esthetician

Tasha , a Licensed Esthetician well rounded with a Nursing and Creative background with the experience blended perfectly to be a Leader in the Wellness and Beauty industry. Her passion is to educate the importance of staying Proactive in Wellness while making you look and feel your best. Her fluid aesthetic portfolio includes skills ranging in Laser Treatments, Medical Body Sculpting, Advanced Skin treatments and more. Her broad spectrum of knowledge in skincare and guidance has created a personal trust resulting in being a staple in the community.

Raia Madison

Raia Madison, Licensed Massage Therapist

Raia, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Doula has a strong therapeutic touch and intuitive sense that assists with kneading any ache and aiding to help relieve pain. Her specialty is Prenatal massage, Medical and Neuromuscular massage with the focus on completely relaxing and rebalancing your mind and body.

Justice Gregson

Justice Gregson, Licensed Esthetician

Justice, a Licensed Esthetician. Her skill to provide fast and efficient Brazilian waxing, she also provides a variety of skin treatments that will leave your skin glowing and feeling refreshed. She is our in house makeup artist and ready to get you glammed up for your next event, wedding or special engagement.

Corey Brown

Corey Brown, L.AC., DIPL.AC

Corey, a Licensed Acupuncturist is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. His journey into this awesome world of Chinese Medicine began years ago. He initially took the path of becoming a Western medical doctor as helping people was always a passion of his. Growing up, he always took interest into natural healing remedies such as the healing effects of certain teas and herbs. He would do countless research and reading on the benefits and healing of natural foods and teas. It was always a passion deep down within him for knowledge of holistic healing, but he didn't know how he would be able to utilize a holistic approach in the model of Western Medicine which doesn't primarily focus on holistic healing. He didn't desire to be a physician that only treated the branch (symptoms) of diseases and not focus on the root (cause) of the diseases.

Rod Upshaw

Rod Upshaw, Licensed Massage Therapist

Rod, A Licensed Massage Therapist with over 20 years of Experience has a unique and corrective approach in Massage Therapy. Fluent in Neuromuscular, Therapeutic and Medical Massage his touch caters, assists and soothes with any pain. Rod is also certified in Cancer and Chemotherapy massage. His knowledge and experience surpasses the superficial understanding of Massage.

Jonaiyah Morris

Jonaiyah Morris, BSN, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jonaiyah, is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her Therapeutic touch and medical background helps promote recovery while helping stimulate the body to function in its full capacity.